Sliced Extra Dried beef
Sliced Extra Dried beef

Sliced Extra Dried beef

It is one of the top products from the province of Leon. The worldwide known Cecina de Leon - dried beef. The Cecina matures for up to 5 years in José Gordón's cellar until it is sold with the quality label "Extra". A top product of enormous complexity that surprises all palates. The whole pieces can sometimes weigh up to 10 kilos. Bite of kings.


11,00€ / Unidad.

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Remove the sliced 10 minutes before consumption. To preserve it can be stored vacuum again (recommended) or on fil paper. It combines very well with duck foie gras in small canutillos. Best before in 7 days.

Tray of 100 grs approx.- Cured product - keep at room temperature. It does not containallergens.

Ox "chorizo" iberique Ox "chorizo" iberique 2

Ox "chorizo" iberique

The typical taste of the Chorizo is due to the balanced mixture of beef and the tasty fat of the local Iberico pig. The sausage is then dry aged according to old Leonesian tradition and seasoned according to an El Capricho recipe. A wonderful delicatessen delight.

14,50€ / Unidad.
Ox Salami Ox Salami 2

Ox Salami

The salchichón is sold in pieces of about 500g. The ox meat is mixed with the meat of local Asturian-Celtic pigs to obtain a delicious farce with a slightly peppery taste, which makes the Spanish salami so unique. The product is air-dried according to the old Leonesian tradition.

13,90€ / Unidad.
Iberic cow rib steak Iberic cow rib steak 2

Iberic cow rib steak

Animals that are pampered day after day and fed in a natural way. This cut also contains a high percentage of intramuscular fat, which makes a steak what it should be. A taste bomb. You also get this cut at the peak of the meat maturation - matured on the bone. The maturation is individualized to each piece and can reach more than 120 days.

51,20€ / Kg.
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Our unique red Wine... Our unique red Wine... 2

Our unique red Wine Valdecedín 2019

Valdecedín is the highest plot with more than 800 meters. At the top of a small hill, it receives gusts of wind and suffers frost first. Its cherry red color brings back memories of my childhood when I took care of the more than 50 cherry trees that were next to the vineyard. It has been 90 years since Segundo Gordón planted this vineyard of more than one hectare in centennial land that gives it a serious character and promises a long life.

66,00€ / Unidad.