Our wine cellar

Discover the wines of El Capricho, vineyards of old vines worked with traditional methods that allow us to produce wines with unique characteristics and very limited production. Ideal to accompany our meat and charcuterie and get the perfect pairing.

Our unique red Wine... Our unique red Wine... 2

Our unique red Wine Valdecedín 2019

Valdecedín is the highest plot with more than 800 meters. At the top of a small hill, it receives gusts of wind and suffers frost first. Its cherry red color brings back memories of my childhood when I took care of the more than 50 cherry trees that were next to the vineyard. It has been 90 years since Segundo Gordón planted this vineyard of more than one hectare in centennial land that gives it a serious character and promises a long life.

66,00€ / Unidad.
Our red wine El Chano 2019 Our red wine El Chano 2019 2

Our red wine El Chano 2019

This wine is the result of the reactivation of old vineyards, most of which are over a hundred years old. The vineyards, cultivated with the traditional methods of organic farming, produce the grapes Mencia, Garnacha and Prieto Picudo. The result is a fine and fruity wine, where red and ripe fruit and wild aromas stand out. The wine matures for 12 months in French oak and is the ideal accompaniment to our meat.

29,50€ / Unidad.
Viña de la Uta white wine Viña de la Uta white wine 2

Viña de la Uta white wine

Enjoy our great white wine from our own vineyard La Uta, really fruity and pleasant taste.

21,00€ / Unidad.
Trio of El Capricho wines Trio of El Capricho wines 2

Trio of El Capricho wines

Enjoy our special trio of wines El Capricho, 2 red wines and 1 white wine from our own vineyards.

93,00€ / Caja.
Where do El Capricho wines come from?

El Capricho vines are sourced from different vineyards that have been worked for generations, located near the estate where our oxen live and the cellars where our cecinas are aged.