Homemade food

Buying home-made food online with home delivery has never been easier. We offer some of the Bodega El Capricho Restaurant customers' favourite recipes, such as meatballs, steak tartar and lasagna and many other dishes that you can enjoy comfortably at home.

Ox Steak tartar Ox Steak tartar 2
Homemade food

Ox Steak tartar

Enjoy one of our most special recipes from the Restaurant Bodega El Capricho, a dish made with the best meat from the hip of our oxen that we carefully clean so that it does not have any fabric, fat only pure meat, we also add the best selection of the rest of the ingredients, ready to consume. Made with exclusive recipe from our restaurant. An incoming that will not leave any guest indifferent. 

24,75€ / Unidad
Beef lasagna with goat cheese Beef lasagna with goat cheese 2

Beef lasagna with goat cheese

Enjoy our 100% ox meat artisan lasagna precooked with a fine bechamel of 3 cheeses, a gourmet product ready in a few minutes. 

17,50€ / Unidad
Ox meatballs with tomato sauce Ox meatballs with tomato sauce 2

Ox meatballs with tomato sauce

Enjoy our homemade meatballs in sauce with the best beef stewed in the traditional style. 

18,50€ / Unidad
Cured Ox Cecina Croquettes Cured Ox Cecina Croquettes 2

Cured Ox Cecina Croquettes

Enjoy our delicious ox cured ham croquettes, with a fine bechamel and made with cecina powder, an artisanal drying and texturing process. Perfect for an aperitif, an entrée or for the enjoyment of the little ones of the house. Tray of 200 g (8 x units of 25 g).

6,50€ / Unidad
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Sliced Dried beef Jose's... Sliced Dried beef Jose's... 2

Sliced Dried beef Jose's selection

It is one of the top products from the province of Leon. The worldwide known Cecina de Leon - dried beef. The Cecina matures for up to 5 years in José Gordón's cellar until it is sold with the quality label "José Gordón Selection". A top product of enormous complexity that surprises all palates. The whole pieces can sometimes weigh up to 20 kilos. Bite of kings.
21,90€ / Ud.
Ox traditional stewed tripes Ox traditional stewed tripes 2

Ox traditional stewed tripes

Enjoy our 100% Ox traditional stewed tripes, a gourmet product ready in a few minutes. 

9,75€ / Unidad
Ox Blood pudding Ox Blood pudding 2

Ox Blood pudding

Morcilla de León is a traditional product typical of the region, whose main ingredients are blood and onions. El Capricho proudly presents its unique Morcilla de León, in keeping with its line of high-quality artisan products. A product for connoisseurs and lovers of Morcilla.

8,69€ / Unidad

Buy quality food and receive it at home in the same conditions as in our restaurant. Healthy recipes that will allow you to prepare delicious dishes in minutes!

How and when will I receive my El Capricho home-cooked meals?

El Capricho's home-cooked meals are prepared during the weekend and delivered during the following week, to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition and without the need to add any preservatives.