Matured Beef Carpaccio

Matured Beef Carpaccio

Our matured cow carpaccio is obtained from cow loins subjected to long maturations, sometimes more than 180 days. Once the loin is matured, we clean thoroughly until we obtain pieces without bone. It combines very well with seasoned bluefin tuna tacos.


83,00€ / Kg

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Open the vacuum bag – Cut thin slices cold – Leave at room temperature 10 minutes – Add salt flake and extra virgin olive oil. Once opened consume in 4-5 days.

Pieces of 500 grs approx. - Matured product - vacuum packed - refrigerated - keep between 0ºc and 4ºc - suitable for freezing. It does not contain allergens.

Our red wine El Chano 2019 Our red wine El Chano 2019 2

Our red wine El Chano 2019

This wine is the result of the reactivation of old vineyards, most of which are over a hundred years old. The vineyards, cultivated with the traditional methods of organic farming, produce the grapes Mencia, Garnacha and Prieto Picudo. The result is a fine and fruity wine, where red and ripe fruit and wild aromas stand out. The wine matures for 12 months in French oak and is the ideal accompaniment to our meat.

29,50€ / Unidad.
Dried beef premium Dried beef premium 2

Dried beef premium

It is one of the top products from the province of Leon. The worldwide known Cecina de Leon - dried beef. This Cecina with the quality label "Premium" matures up to 4 years in José Gordón's cellar until it is ready for sale. Also a top product of enormous complexity that surprises all palates.

145,20€ / Kg.
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