Iberic cow sirloin on the bone
Iberic cow sirloin on the bone

Iberic cow sirloin on the bone

Cut from the part of the low back. They are cows with a great hormonal cleanse, since they have not given birth at least in the last year; hormonal cleansing that brings it closer to the ox in the sense that both animals have a meat and fat without this alteration. The maturation is individualized to each piece and can reach more than 90 days.


39,50€ / Kg.

VAT included

Our red wine El Chano 2019 Our red wine El Chano 2019 2

Our red wine El Chano 2019

This wine is the result of the reactivation of old vineyards, most of which are over a hundred years old. The vineyards, cultivated with the traditional methods of organic farming, produce the grapes Mencia, Garnacha and Prieto Picudo. The result is a fine and fruity wine, where red and ripe fruit and wild aromas stand out. The wine matures for 12 months in French oak and is the ideal accompaniment to our meat.

29,50€ / Unidad.
Iberic cow fillet Iberic cow fillet 2

Iberic cow fillet

The most tender temptation. The most tender part and for many customers also the most popular cut of beef is offered in approx. 1kg units. Also the fillet of our cows, is characterized by tenderness, character and a lot of taste. This cut is fresh frozen at the peak of the aging process. A professionally air-shock-frozen product is in no way inferior to a fresh product in terms of quality, nutrients and taste.

60,00€ / Kg.
Cured Ox Cecina Croquettes Cured Ox Cecina Croquettes 2

Cured Ox Cecina Croquettes

Enjoy our delicious ox cured ham croquettes, with a fine bechamel and made with cecina powder, an artisanal drying and texturing process. Perfect for an aperitif, an entrée or for the enjoyment of the little ones of the house. Tray of 200 g (8 x units of 25 g).

6,50€ / Unidad
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