Aguardiente de Orujo
Aguardiente de Orujo

Aguardiente de Orujo

El orujo es pausa, es detenimiento... Al igual que nuestros bueyes es tiempo y lentitud. Es mimo y cuidado; es paciencia y espera para que el finísimo hilo vaya llenando poco a poco la vasija... es aroma de tierras austeras, de la paja de trigo de secano que se ponía en el fondo de la alquitara para que no se pegara el hollejo... Es magia, compañero del fuego, del café y de las frutas y de mil y un sabores. Es danza e invocación de meigas, de risas y conversación alrededor de una mesa.


20,50€ / Unidad.

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Bottle of 750 ml. 14% Vol. Unique and rare production only 511 bottles.

General information: Valdecedín is the highest plot with more than 800 meters. At the top of a small hill, it receives gusts of wind and suffers frost first. Its cherry red color brings back memories of my childhood when I took care of the more than 50 cherry trees that were next to the vineyard. It has been 90 years since Segundo Gordón planted this vineyard of more than one hectare in centennial land that gives it a serious character and promises a long life.

Type of product: Bottle of 750 ml. 14% Vol. Unique and rare production only 511 bottles.

Allergens: Contains sulfites.

Ox "chorizo" iberique Ox "chorizo" iberique 2

Ox "chorizo" iberique

The typical taste of the Chorizo is due to the balanced mixture of beef and the tasty fat of the local Iberico pig. The sausage is then dry aged according to old Leonesian tradition and seasoned according to an El Capricho recipe. A wonderful delicatessen delight.

11,50€ / Unidad.
Ox rib steak Jose Gordón's... Ox rib steak Jose Gordón's... 2

Ox rib steak Jose Gordón's selection

We select only the top loin of unique animals both for the nobility of their character and for the complexity of nuances, animals where age, nobility, work, texture and flavor are combined, the elegance and subtlety of their fats are lengthened on the palate transmitting an unknown experience and difficult to forget.

144,00€ / Kg.
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