Ox picanha
Ox picanha

Ox picanha

The picanha is located in the leg, specifically at the end of the silverside and below the rump. It is a muscle that joins the leg to the saddle. It is a very small cut; you can get two pieces, of approximately 3 kg each from each animal, and it is highly prized because it has a high percentage of fat marbling and is very tender and tasty. It is great for barbequed fillets, steak tartare or tataki.


55,86€ / Kg.

VAT included

Defrost 24/48 hours in refrigerator. Remove from the vacuum bag 2-3 hours before your roast. Depending on the recipe used it has to be cut in one way or another, ideal for roasting whole roastbeef type, for grilled steaks, even for tasty steak tartare. You can watch an explanatory video on our youtube channel.

Whole picanha pieces of 3 ato 4 Kgs approx. - vacuum packed - deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen - store at -10ºc - once defrosted consume in 4-5 days. It does not contain allergens.

Iberic cow rib steak Iberic cow rib steak 2

Iberic cow rib steak

Animals that are pampered day after day and fed in a natural way. This cut also contains a high percentage of intramuscular fat, which makes a steak what it should be. A taste bomb. You also get this cut at the peak of the meat maturation - matured on the bone. The maturation is individualized to each piece and can reach more than 120 days.

51,00€ / Kg.
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Meat digital thermometer special edition


We have designed for our most special customers the digital thermometer El Capricho to get the ideal temperature in each cut and enjoy their experience to the fullest.

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