Meat digital thermometer special edition

Meat digital thermometer special edition

We have designed for our most special customers the digital thermometer El Capricho to get the ideal temperature in each cut and enjoy their experience to the fullest.

VAT included

Insert the thermometer into the center of the thickest part of the meat, away from bone and fat. In the case of burgers can be inserted on the side.

Digital thermometer according to EN13485. With stainless probe of 75 mm. Hold function. Maximum and minimum memory. IP65 protection. Product dimensions: 1.6 x 15 x 2 cm; 40.8 g Required AAA batteries included. Range: -40+200:0.1°C. Accuracy: 0+100ºC ± 0.8ºC ± 1.5ºC rest scale.

Special Box ElCapricho Special Box ElCapricho 2

Special Box ElCapricho

The authentic flavors of our house in a single box: 1 premium beef chop of 1.5 kg,4 beef tenderrloins of 200 g / ud deep-frozen, 1 beef chorizo, 1 beef sausage,1 envelope of beef cured ham of 100 g, 1 x bottle of red wine El Chano,1 x can of stewed ox tripe and 1 jar of ox black pudding. Ideal for special occasions.

341,00€ / Unidad.
Premium Ox hide

Premium Ox hide

Our skins are unique and one of a kind - every cow hide is unique. Each one has its own personality and this is expressed in every single product. Not only the beauty but also the dimensions of the cow hides are unique. Approx. 2,5 x 2,3 meters. With the purchase of one of these skins you own something impressive and large. We have different colours on offer. Choose the colour you like best.

1300,00€ / Unidad
Select variant
  • Color: Dark brown €1,300.00
  • Color: Light brown €1,300.00
  • Color: Cream €1,300.00
  • Color: Black €1,300.00
El Capricho recipes book El Capricho recipes book 2

El Capricho recipes book

Enjoy our book of recipes, english version, for the most significant dishes of our house. A small sample of our doing and with the tricks of José Gordón in the kitchen. Indispensable in your library.

9,95€ / Unidad