Ox Steak tartar
Ox Steak tartar

Ox Steak tartar

Enjoy one of our most special recipes from the Restaurant Bodega El Capricho, a dish made with the best meat from the hip of our oxen that we carefully clean so that it does not have any fabric, fat only pure meat, we also add the best selection of the rest of the ingredients, ready to consume. Made with exclusive recipe from our restaurant. An incoming that will not leave any guest indifferent. 

VAT included

Open the container arrange the meat and mixture in a bowl, add an egg yolk and mix gently until everything is homogeneous. Emplatar and accompany with toasted bread.

Recyclable container of 250 grs approx. (2 servings) - in protective atmosphere - raw product - once opened consume in 24 h.

Allergens: Sulfites and mustard.

Ox Salami Ox Salami 2

Ox Salami

The salchichón is sold in pieces of about 500g. The ox meat is mixed with the meat of local Asturian-Celtic pigs to obtain a delicious farce with a slightly peppery taste, which makes the Spanish salami so unique. The product is air-dried according to the old Leonesian tradition.

10,60€ / Unidad.