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Ox rib steak José Gordón's selection

Ox rib steak José Gordón's selection


160,00€ / Kg

VAT included

General information: Of unique animals both for the nobility of their character and for the complexity of nuances, animals where age, nobility, work, texture and flavor are combined, the elegance and subtlety of their fats are lengthened on the palate transmitting an unknown experience and difficult to forget.

Type of product: Matured product - vacuum packed - refrigerated - store between 0ºc and 4ºc - suitable for freezing.

Directions for use: Remove the chop from the vacuum bag 2-3 hours before roasting. Temper the meat and remove 1 millimeter the layer of external fat. We roast the bone separately so that the roast is uniform. You can watch an explanatory video on our youtube channel.

It does not contain allergens.