Ox premium rib steak
Ox premium rib steak

Ox premium rib steak

Premium quality meat from Oxen older than 4 years. This cut of meat is characterised by a high marbling as well as a distinctive taste and a grandiose texture. Individually and by hand selected aging. You receive the cuts at the peak of the aging process.


108,00€ / Kg.

VAT included

Remove the chop from the vacuum bag 2-3 hours before roasting. Temper the meat and remove 1 millimeter the layer of external fat. We roast the bone separately so that the roast is uniform. You can watch an explanatory video on our youtube channel.

Matured product - vacuum packed - refrigerated - store between 0ºc and 4ºc - suitable for freezing. It does not contain allergens.



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