Ox tripes
Ox tripes

Ox tripes

Tripe is made from the two stomachs of the animal, the reticulum and the omasum. It is particularly delicate, di_ering from the tripe of younger animals. It can be made into slow-cooked traditional stews served in a paprika sauce. They have a special tenderness differentiating itself from the tripes of younger animals.


13,00€ / Kg.

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Thaw 24/48 hours in refrigerator. Depending on the cooking technique to be used we must adapt to the cuts. Ideal for traditional stew with legs, snouts, chorizo, paprika. You can see tips, recipes and so on our youtube channel.

Bags of 2 kgs approx. – Untreated product - vacuum packed - deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen - store at -10ºc - once thawed consume in 4-5 days. It does not contain allergens. 

Our red wine El Chano 2019 Our red wine El Chano 2019 2

Our red wine El Chano 2019

This wine is the result of the reactivation of old vineyards, most of which are over a hundred years old. The vineyards, cultivated with the traditional methods of organic farming, produce the grapes Mencia, Garnacha and Prieto Picudo. The result is a fine and fruity wine, where red and ripe fruit and wild aromas stand out. The wine matures for 12 months in French oak and is the ideal accompaniment to our meat.

29,50€ / Unidad.
Dried beef premium Dried beef premium 2

Dried beef premium

It is one of the top products from the province of Leon. The worldwide known Cecina de Leon - dried beef. This Cecina with the quality label "Premium" matures up to 4 years in José Gordón's cellar until it is ready for sale. Also a top product of enormous complexity that surprises all palates.

145,20€ / Kg.
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Ox snout
Beef Cuts

Ox snout


The snout of our oxen is a very gelatinous meat with very little fat, ideal for traditional stewing with tomato and onion, combined with tripes and ox legs. We present it in pieces of about 2 kilos. 

12,65€ / Kg.