Working cow fillet

Working cow fillet

VAT included



General information: The most tender temptation. The most tender part and for many customers also the most popular cut of beef is offered in approx. 1kg units. Also the fillet of our cows, is characterized by tenderness, character and a lot of taste. This cut is fresh frozen at the peak of the aging process. A professionally air-shock-frozen product is in no way inferior to a fresh product in terms of quality, nutrients and taste.

Type ofproduct: Half pieces of 1,000 grs approx. - vacuum packed - deep-frozen in liquid nitrogen - store at -10ºc - once defrosted consume in 4-5 days.

Directions for use: Defrost 24/48 hours in refrigerator. Remove from the vacuum bag 2-3 hours before your roast. Depending on the recipe used it has to be cut in one way or another, ideal for roasting whole roastbeef type, for grilled medallions, even for tasty steak tartare. You can watch an explanatory video on our youtube channel.

It does not contain allergens.