Ox "chorizo" iberique
Ox "chorizo" iberique

Ox "chorizo" iberique

The typical taste of the Chorizo is due to the balanced mixture of beef and the tasty fat of the local Iberico pig. The sausage is then dry aged according to old Leonesian tradition and seasoned according to an El Capricho recipe. A wonderful delicatessen delight.


14,50€ / Unidad.

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Remove the piece from the vacuum, remove the gut that covers the chorizo and cut thin slices a little transverse by hand eat accompanied with bread. It also combines very well with an onion sofrito with tomato sauce slightly to accompany pastas.

Pieces of 500 grs approx.- Cured product - vacuum packaging - keep at room temperature. It does not contain allergens.

Our red wine El Chano 2019 Our red wine El Chano 2019 2

Our red wine El Chano 2019

This wine is the result of the reactivation of old vineyards, most of which are over a hundred years old. The vineyards, cultivated with the traditional methods of organic farming, produce the grapes Mencia, Garnacha and Prieto Picudo. The result is a fine and fruity wine, where red and ripe fruit and wild aromas stand out. The wine matures for 12 months in French oak and is the ideal accompaniment to our meat.

29,50€ / Unidad.
Dried beef extra Dried beef extra 2

Dried beef extra

General information: It is one of the top products from the province of Leon. The worldwide known Cecina de Leon - dried beef. Low in protein and fat. Ideal for the beginning of a lunch or dinner or as an exclusive companion to a snack.

72,60€ / Kg.
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Ox Salami Ox Salami 2

Ox Salami

The salchichón is sold in pieces of about 500g. The ox meat is mixed with the meat of local Asturian-Celtic pigs to obtain a delicious farce with a slightly peppery taste, which makes the Spanish salami so unique. The product is air-dried according to the old Leonesian tradition.

13,90€ / Unidad.
Ox Blood pudding Ox Blood pudding 2

Ox Blood pudding

Morcilla de León is a traditional product typical of the region, whose main ingredients are blood and onions. El Capricho proudly presents its unique Morcilla de León, in keeping with its line of high-quality artisan products. A product for connoisseurs and lovers of Morcilla.

8,69€ / Unidad